5 Wood Carving Projects that Will Sell Online

By Kevin Kessinger •  Updated: 03/02/23 • 

Wood carving is a good hobby and pastime activity you can start with little resources. However, as you advance your skills to the next level, you can profit from your wood carving skills.

If you want to make money with wood carving, you’re on the right post. Below are some wood carving projects that will sell online. This list is incomplete, and there are many other projects and products you can make and sell. Enjoy.

Carved Wooden Utensils

When it comes to wooden utensils, the products are endless, from carved spoons, spatulas, ladles, coffee scoops, bowls, serving boards, and much more. Spoons are easier to carve, even for beginners, and you can start spoon carving with a straight carving knife and hook knife. On Etsy, carved spoons retail for as low as $5 and could fetch over $50.

An Assortment of Hand Carved Kitchen Utensils

An Assortment of Hand Carved Kitchen Utensils

Wooden Signs

Hand-carved wooden signs are distinctive, impressive, and personal kinds of signage. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in many different ways, indoors and outdoors. Carving wooden signs is easy, and you can start by experimenting with different fonts and other elements. If you want to generate an income from wooden signs, offer to create personalized wooden signs for people.

Carved Wooden Sign

Decorative Pieces

Many decorative pieces carved out of wood can fetch a decent income online. Carved wall art, relief carvings, bird sculptures, simple animal carvings, and much more can all be achieved by carving wood. You’ll be set if you know how to carve custom and unique wood art pieces.

Hand Carved Rustic Wall Decor

Hand Carved Rustic Wall Decor

The good thing about using wood is you can reuse scrap on your projects. For carved wooden art, the price will depend on you. You can sell for a few bucks to thousands of dollars, and it’s up to you.

Wooden Chess Set

Chess has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. This has led to an increased demand for chess boards and pieces worldwide. Wooden chess pieces are great for chess players who want to stand out.

Wood Carved Pieces of Chess

Carving chess pieces is a little more complicated and complex, but it is rewarding if you get it right. Wood chess boards and pieces can fetch over $200 online, and you can come up with customized carved boards that could boost the price.

Carved Wooden Frames

There are many types of frames, and they can all be customized to offer a personalized touch. Whether a picture frame or mirror frame, you can carve it to improve its design from a generic version and make it stand out.

Wood Carving a Picture Frame on Cirmolo Wood

Wood Carving a Picture Frame on Cirmolo Wood

If you’re a chip carver, you can offer to create custom patterns on your client’s designs for a fee. Apart from patterns, complex relief carving designs can also be incorporated into the frame.

Kevin Kessinger

Kev is the founder of Pro Wood Carving and has been carving spoons, small pieces, and whittling since his teenage years. He has continued to level up his wood carving skills and wanted to share his journey and knowledge with other wood carvers. He launched Pro Wood Carving in 2021 to make wood carving more approachable for everyone looking to improve their skills.